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American Home Comfort Commercial Water Filtration

American Home Comfort (AHC) would like to announce that they will now be offering commercial and industrial water filtration services to the business of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Fresh water is imperative to any business, whether it be for consumption or industrial maintenance. As a customer-focused business, AHC believes that fresh water is paramount to the success and sustainability of a business, in addition to the maintenance of good health for the employees and owners of those businesses.

AHC’s commercial filtration services are specially designed to provide reliable and economical water purification to businesses such as restaurants, hotels, fitness centres, manufacturing facilities, farms and hatcheries, state or public parks, and many more. Contact AHC to learn more about industrial and commercial water purification, including:

  • Boiler room applications to soften hard waters.
  • Water purification specialized to your industry.
  • How to select the correct filters for your industrial needs.

Regardless of their needs or requirements, AHC is guaranteed to provide the most comprehensive filtration and treatment options to your business. AHC filters remove harmful elements from drinking water such as sediment, minerals like calcium and magnesium that can clog pipes from buildup over time, harmful bacteria such as E.coli, as well as remove mercury, iron, lead, nitrates, and sulfur.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide fresh, clean water for drinking or manufacturing purposes. AHC can help ensure your filtration systems are working correctly and safely by providing eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for you and your business.
Types of systems, filters, and their applications include:

Complex Water Treatment: Flow Type Filters. These are generalized systems that use flow filters for complex water treatment. Made of corrosion-resistant plastics columns, these are among the most affordable treatments on the market.

Disinfection Using Ultraviolet (UV) Light. UV water disinfection is generally more effective than treatment with natural UV rays and is widely used in many industrial and commercial facilities. UV technology is a cost-effective and safe method of water disinfection that purifies water by removing bacteria and microorganisms.

Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration. Reverse osmosis systems are highly effective and are most commonly used in the decontamination and demineralization of source supply water. This is done with an array of inline modules that demineralize water utilizing reverse osmosis membranes. This method is most useful to industries that require pure water supplies for manufacturing such as breweries and pharmaceutical companies.

AHC is a leader in water filtration systems in the home as well as in industry. As a business, AHC is passionate about workable sustainability solutions and utilizing technologically advanced installation techniques that ensures customers are getting the very best of industry services. AHC has achieved its outstanding reputation through years of cultivated experience providing energy-efficient water filtration, HVAC, and solar energy solutions.