Air Conditioning Services

  • Warm air is blown across the evaporator coil that is filled with refrigerant that absorbs the heat in the air before it is distributed throughout your house.
  • 3-Stage HEPA filters have MERV-8 Pre-filters (removes lint and large particles), Carbon Filter (removes odors), and media filter (removes particles down to 1//84,000 of an inch).
  • A HEPA filter is attached to the cold-air return of your HVAC unit and runs at 320 cubic feet per minute (CFM)

Does it feel like the air conditioning hasn’t been turned on even though you know it is? If you think it might just need repairing, American Home Comfort can help you improve and maintain the efficiency and reliability of your existing air conditioning system. But perhaps you would like to replace it. Common mistakes homeowners often make when purchasing a new AC unit are:

  • Buying a bargain or on-sale unit whether or not it meets your home’s specific requirements
  • Incorrectly estimating the right size for your home
  • Installing a new unit before addressing other issues such as no insulation in the attic, air escaping from windows, etc.
  • DIY instead of hiring a professional

We will assist you in selecting the right energy-efficient air conditioning unit that will keep your home cool while lowering costs.


  • Zero setting up cost & no down payment necessary
  • Quick 24x7 customer service
  • Free Pace program processing
  • Free equipment replacement
  • Call for Full Warranty Details
  • Free eco-friendly and programmable