Exterior Coating

  • Flex On Cool Wall will save you money in energy costs
  • Cooling costs drop by a minimum of 21.9%
  • Flex On Platinum paint creates natural barrier to fungi like mold, mildew, and dirt
  • Flex Technology allows the paint to safely contract and expand without cracking, flaking, and chipping

Every year, thousands of Americans are blindly throwing away there hard earned dollars to keep their home cooler during the warmer months. To make matters worse, many homeowners are opting to buy additional air conditioners which not only cost upwards of $500, but consume roughly 3000 to 5000 watts of electricity per day! American Home Comfort Builders is proud to offer homeowners with a straightforward solution to save you both money in the long run and keep your home cool.

The secret to our product’s success lies in understanding the heat transfer problem. After all, every one of us has learned that light colors reflect light, and dark colors absorb it. That is why we often wear lighter shades during the hot summer months instead of dark! Scientifically, dark paints and dark colors in general absorb more heat than their lighter counterpart due to the added amount of absorbed light energy. Sadly, when homeowners rush to the first contractor offering to paint their home, they often get the same old paint that the majority of Americans are sold. However, American Home Comfort Builders offers a state of the art “Flex On Platinum by Tex-Cote of America”, otherwise known as a Flex On Cool Wall which will save you money in energy costs!

In short, a Flex On Cool Wall offers an even more vibrant shade of paint due to its scientifically formulated silica blend which will enhance and transform the look of your home. Your new paint is also formulated with a space-age “heat reflective” technology which will help cool your home from the sun’s rays. Immediately after applying this exterior paint to your home, you can expect to see your cooling costs drop by a minimum of 21.9%; even for the hottest San Diego and Los Angeles summers!

If saving you money and cooling your home aren’t enough, then rest assured knowing that our Flex On Platinum paint contains an anti-bacterial, energy efficient formula with Kynar, which contains a powerful ratio of PVDF resin. This resin acts as a natural barrier to fungi like mold, mildew, and dirt. Additionally, unlike other paints which are not built to handle the natural expansion and contraction of wood during the colder and warm- er climates, our paint is built with Flex Technology which allows the paint to safely contract and expand without cracking, flaking, and chipping! Our Flex On Cool Wall is a truly long-term investment for your home.

Many of our customers choose Flex On Cool Wall when trying to impress potential home-buyers. Realtors and buyers alike are always amazed to witness the vibrant shades of color that our paints add to the exterior of your home. Our Flex On Platinum paint truly sells itself! So whether you are adding a coating for yourself, family, potential renters or for resale, shop with confidence knowing that adding a coating of Flex On Platinum with Kynar® PVDF will make your home one step closer to becoming energy efficient. Inquire today about our Triple Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all materials and labor!


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