Heating Services

  • The furnace is one of the most important appliances in your home
  • American Home Comfort furnaces are 96%+ high-efficient furnace compared with older furnaces that are 50-65% efficient
  • American Home Comfort offers you detailed home inspection to select the best size and brand of furnace for your home

Nothing can increase a family’s carbon footprint faster than an old, inefficient heating system. A furnace that isn’t functioning properly or in peak condition can be unsafe and unreliable. While furnaces here might not be used as often as units in other parts of the country, you don’t want to be without heat on a cold day.

We provide trustworthy services and quality workmanship. At American Home Comfort our qualified team of experts can assist you with installing a new furnace or other types of heating systems; repairing a broken furnace; and maintaining your existing heating system. From basic repairs to entirely replace your old furnace with an upgraded heating system to regular maintenance, American Home Comfort has everything you need to heat your home safely and reliably.


  • Zero setting up cost & no down payment necessary
  • Quick 24x7 customer service
  • Free Pace program processing
  • Free equipment replacement
  • Call for Full Warranty Details
  • Free eco-friendly and programmable