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Many homeowners rush to purchase expensive heating and cooling equipment for their homes at the first sign of excessive summer heat or winter cold. This choice may provide a quick and easy solution in the short-run, but as a long-term investment, you will be facing steep energy costs. For example, installing a new heating or cooling system may set you back thousands of dollars as an initial investment, however, the costs don’t end there! Firstly, there will be a noticeable utility bill increase, and secondly, there will be future maintenance on the system if anything goes wrong. This is where insulation comes in. By insulating your home properly using top quality materials and techniques, you will be able to keep your home cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months.

Typically, insulation is installed in areas of the house that experience the most energy loss; like attics and walls. The most common types of insulation include pink fiberglass insulation which is used in basements and attics. Furthermore, an alternative to this type of insulation is blow-in insulation which is distributed as the name suggests, using a blowing-device into an attic. Furthermore, there is denim insulation, which is commonly used as an insulating material in new homes or remodelled bedrooms as a quick solution. Lastly, there is rigid insulation, which is mainly used for exterior insulation in garages, or more external structures like sheds. This is done using a foam board.

Chances are, if you are finding that you are operating an air-conditioner a lot longer than usual in the summer, and a heater a lot longer than normal in the winter, then you have an insulation problem. Fortunately, our technicians have decades of installation experience and can save your home anywhere from 50-70% in energy loss. Installing the right insulation is a great long term investment especially if you are living in a very hot or cold climate. Not only is installing insulation more affordable than some cooling and heating systems, but the best part is that insulation has no operating nor maintenance expense once installed. Enjoy naturally cool living spaces in your home during the winter months thanks to our special- ly designed and installed insulation. The benefits carry forward in the summer by providing naturally warm rooms without the need to buy more heaters. American Home Comfort Builders dedicated to providing you with exceptional products and services that last. Call us today for a free insulation estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.


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