Water Filtration Systems

  • Filtered water improves water quality
  • MICRON FILTER – Stops Rust, Dirt and Particles
  • CYCLONE TECHNOLOGY – Cyclone plate disperses the incoming water, ensuring maximum contact time and contaminant removal
  • KDF (COPPER ZINC ALLOY) – Stops microbial growth, scale build up and heavy metals
  • CATALYTIC CARBON – VOC’s 99% Chlorine, Chloramine reduction and other particles

There are several good reasons for installing a water filtration system in your home. Filtered water improves water quality, but with all the choices out there, which one is best for you and your family? Pitcher water filters can quickly become expensive. While reverse osmosis, a filtering membrane, removes contaminants, the process also removes minerals from your drinking water.

Our quality filtration systems offer affordable sustainability to families looking for cleaner, healthier water. A water filtration system installed in your home filters out the impurities such as contaminants and sediment found in many municipal water sources. While they go by several different names, whole house water filtration systems generally work on the same principal. They are point-of-entry systems installed at the main water line coming into your home, ensuring every tap dispenses filtered water. They typically include multi-stage filters, the number of stages depending on the manufacturer.


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