Windows & Doors

  • Our Windows will reduce your Utility Bill by up to 20-30%
  • Our Windows are built with highest quality Virgin Vinyl; guaranteed not to peel
  • Our Windows & Doors are custom designed to meet any home’s dimensions
  • Our Windows & Doors will refresh and renew the look of your home

What if I were to tell you that your current monthly utility bill is inflated 20-30% higher due to poorly installed and built windows and doors. Unfortunately, the average American household losses up to 70% of its energy, due to poorly made and installed windows and doors. The cost of energy loss affects cities like San Diego and Los Angeles the hardest, given that they both go through two very different extremes throughout the year. For example, temperatures can vary from 50°F in winter months, all the way to 95°F+ in the summer. For years, American Home Comfort Builders have dedicated their expertise to delivering Californians with custom made windows and doors; thereby keeping you cooler longer in the summer, and warmer longer in the winter.

Unlike many of our competitors who sell bulk windows and doors to as many homes as possible, we understand that every home is unique, and custom design all our materials to meet your home’s unique size and dimensions. Our technicians will measure and install your new energy efficient windows or doors, ensuring both a perfect gapless and draft-free seal. Having a door specifically designed for your home means that unwanted summer heat won’t enter through any gaps or cracks. Furthermore, custom designed doors mean that whether you choose to heat or cool the interior of your home, you can put your mind at ease knowing that it won’t escape from window or door drafts. Additionally, all our windows are equipped with a top quality, double-strength 7/8” insulated glass system. We have perfected our product to display the maximum amount of natural light, while both maintaining the highest ASTM forced entry test score. All our windows and doors at American Home Comfort Builders utilize the highest quality defence-materials such as: metal locks, keepers, night latches, and interlocking sash rails to safeguard the integrity of your windows and home. What sets us apart from other window and door companies is that we don’t compromise on quality. All our doors and windows are fitted with the highest grade Virgin Vinyl seal, guaranteed to never peel or fade.

Installing new windows and doors not only offers better yearly energy efficiency, but also acts as a first line of defence against burglary. Our de- signers realize that your windows and doors need to be built with anti-theft designs in mind, and have made huge advancements over the past twenty-years. For example, our “White Terrain” spacer bar between two panes of glass acts as both a unique defence against energy loss, as well as a deterrent to quick home-entry by thieves. Thicker glass means more time and energy spent by thieves to break-in, which discourages burglars from returning.

We strive to build lifelong business relationships with all our clients, which is why we carefully select and train our technicians to provide the highest level of precise, professional, and friendly service to all our customers. We are excited to save your family money on your energy bills, and look forward to impressing you with our quality and future services like: energy efficient Patio doors, Entry doors, and French doors. Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions!


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